Monday, October 26, 2009

More current candidates to serve the coast

Yet another decent ship suited for the small, basic port market is the Pallet Carrier ship. Particularly ones geared with 20/35ton cranes. These are supposed to center around the newer Euro-pallet craze, but are often reefer equipped or will handle TEU containers as well. Perhaps with some effort, large dimension stone as well. Most likely in smaller quanities. Here is a good example as seen at Auckland Shipbrokers:

The listing can be found here:

Here is another Ice classed 1A rated ship at Scandinavian Maritime Services:

Found at this location:

The Ice Class is interesting, as few ship are stated as meeting Canada's new Polar Classing scheme. All existing ships apparently requiring permission from the Authorities to gain a new rating. This is interesting in that the most obvious justification for the expense of a ship lies with utilizing it all year. Bringing in revenue all year. We will explore that in another post.