Thursday, May 24, 2018

boy and bak bak

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Locomotives for Non-Class 1 Rail lines and acheiving emissions standards.

 Today more then ever the Locomotive industry has numerous designs of new and rebuilt Locomotives aimed to smaller Rail operators. Typically these involve slightly improved mainline prime mover updates; or replacement of the original prime mover by genset power plants. Normally genset designs require multiple gensets to achieve the tractive effort and power.

 In both cases there is often a fuel saving, oil savings and reduction of emissions. But for maximum emissions control, some sacrificing of power is often needed. And also Urea after treatment to reach the maximum Tier IV emission standard. Many operators are shy to add this extra consumable and maintenance item to their locomotives.

 All of this tends to be rather expensive for railroad managers who are already facing slim pickings in the margin columns. But thankfully their have been some credits available, especially for Passenger services. But to date none for typical short/branch line operators of freight.

 We would like to discuss these topics and examine any solutions coming forward. After all. We all profit from the improvements involved.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

The continuing Ukrainian/Russian rift continues.

Christmas is nearly here and no let up in the crisis is in sight. Though there were reports of some back channel efforts to create a solution, it has not been fruitful. This has been a terrible factor on some of my favorite aeronautics companies as the war and sanctions have really screwed up investments and orders.

It's a tough situation for fans of Ukrainian/Russian Aero products to endure.

Sunday, November 02, 2014

Ambivilance has it's way.

Sorry for this year's terrible neglect of this Blog by my part. Aviation-wise it's been a terrible year all around. Especially with the international aircraft projects that featured well in the past. Global Conflicts have really put the cold water on developments lately.

 Personally I'm a newly-wed this past month as well. And that has been occupying much of my time the last few months. If any of you dear readers has an interest or questions they want bandied about and discussed, please fell free to chime in!

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Memorable Quotes; where do they come from?

Have you ever wondered where all of those snazzy quotes come from? Who records all of those unique phrases attributed to people? Who decides who gets credit for them? Have you yourself ever come up with any? Totally original lines you never heard before?

 To date I recall three. For years my email sig line was either:

"Filled with Fruit like Filling." or

"Apparently Providence knows no bounds."

My latest missive is:

 "People are said to leave sheltered lives. Just make sure your shelter is a Blimp Hanger and not a Phone booth."

I'm sure there are others in deep memory recall somewhere. Do you have any clever, unique sayings? Post them here and perhaps history will remember us!