Wednesday, September 11, 2013

What peat weighs- by cubic yards.

Here are a few handy averages for peat weight/volume. Of course it will vary by water content. These figures are taken from the USGS commodity report for peat BTW:

The density in kg/cu meter  by common types of peat:

sphangnum moss 170-220

hypnum moss 480-580

reed-sedge  560-600

Humus 800-1060

Or pounds/cubic yard:

sphangnum moss 286-371

hypnum moss 809-977

reed-sedge  943-1011

Humus 1348-1786

Or lastly, we have cubic yards required for one ton (2000 pounds):

sphangnum moss 286-371  or between  6.99 and 5.39 cubic yards to make a ton

hypnum moss 809-977     or between  2.47 and 2.05 cubic yards to make a ton

reed-sedge  943-1011    or between  2.12 and 1.98 cubic yards to make a ton

Humus       1348-1786   or between  1.48 and 1.12 cubic yards to make a ton

This gives us a rough guide stick to figure processing and harvesting estimates.

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