Friday, September 13, 2013

AVIC/ Harbin Y-12F

My apologies to Yannick. It seems AVIC/Harbin has made something a bit more different. Though it seems to be a work in progress with things not fully clear. We seem to have the Y-12F referred to as Aircar. Though the AVIC site seems new and some details are missing. And we also see references to a Y-12F Twin Panda. Different name and factory but here we see PWC PT6A-65B's are spec'ed in as powerplant.

 What is clear is the pedestrian old Y-12 got a makeover and power boost. Gaining some much needed width to cater more toward larger western customers. The looks are much improved with the new aerodynamics and fully retractable gear as well. Cruise speed is now a very respectable 390km/h (242mph for you retro types). And much to my liking, a full 3000kg payload with a 540 meter take off run and a 420 meter landing run. Though it's not clear if that's over a 16 meter obstacle or not.

 What is really nice is that the full passenger layout of 19 seats you get a good 1300 kilometer ( 807 mile) range with a 45 minute and 200 nm reserve. That does not sound right though. Maybe either or? In full cargo loading, you get 770 kilometers ( 478 miles) of range. Ferry range is stated at 2650 Kilometers ( 1647 miles).

 This promises to be a very worthy contestant. Though we need some clarification on the particulars. I personally would opt for PWC PT6A-67B's however. Which would add 100hp per engine being the same dimensions.


Anonymous said...

I wish they put out more info regarding that plane. Hopefully they will be more precise soon. so far I think it can be an alternative in the 19 seats segment. With better info and specs, we will see if it is a good contender!

If they can keep the same fuel consumption (no info currently) and the same payload with the PWC PT6A-67B engine, I will opt for that engine. 100hp more is a good plus! Hopefully they read your blog and study that configuration!


Darren Robertson said...

Well currently you have a crowded collection of aircraft in the 19 seat range. Many of them old or not very durable. I'm flabbergausted that Russian is considering Twin Otter production. There is currently a much better co-operative project between a Russian firm and Diamond Aircraft for yet another 19 seat airliner. It looks promising. Being designed to better the generation of aircraft like the BE-32K, Let-410 and Twin Otter. We will have to wait and see though. Do not rule out the LET 410/420 series just yet though. With the new GE Engines it could still be a worthy aircraft. Especially in terms of lower maintenance requirements.

For sure though, I want to see more on the AVIC product too.

Anonymous said...

I don't rule out the venerable LET410/420, but in term of pax comfort, it is not the best. That new Harbin with pressurization can add a little bit of comfort in the cabin. It is too early to talk about the diamond/Russia joint venture. There is nothing on the plate yet. I am looking forward to discover the result of that venture. I wonder if they will have diesel powered engine...

The other usual suspects, DO-228NG, Twin Otter are great and of course very expensive.
The more alternative, the better for the customers!

I think there is also an Indian made aircraft which look exactly like the CB-123 Vector from Embraer, still in the 19 seat segment, with rear mounted engine/propellers in the same style as the Piaggio Avanti. I don't know where that project is since the crash of one the prototype/FTV.

It seems to be exiting times in the 19 seats turboprop segment. The next decade might be the same for the 30 - 50 seats turboprop segment thanks to the fuel prices and the replacement of the current fleet of old turboprop.

People might not like them but they are great at what they do: commuting people around just like good old buses


Anonymous said...

If anyone is interested, I have two Y12MKII airframes for sale going very cheap. I also have spares for both MKII and MKIV aircraft types and can source spares ex China at reasonable rates with exceptional lead times. In saying that, I have been around Y12 operations over the last 20 years and have come to learn a lot about the aircraft type historically. I must say they are definitely good for payload and made for ruggedness. They will keep chugging as long as you want, the biggest downfall is their backup support, unless you have the right connections as dealing with China on a timely basis does not provide you with timely feed backs and the cost of spares is what will bite you as I've seen many a range in pricing and they seem unregulated, hence having the right network for your business is essential, in saying that, they are very conservative, so getting a ticket in isn't as easy as it sounds and your word and commitment is what sees you through, so does take a while to get established.