Sunday, October 21, 2012

The New Scientific Commercial Firm (SCF) Technoavia LLC Rysachok arrives

One hard road to tow is finding an aircraft that meets all present certifications and has multi-national blessing on production sales. Now we have a fairly recent aircraft that could find excellent utility in the Labrador Aircraft market. Both as a passenger aircraft or freighter. Meet Rysachok:

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 Racehorse (english for Rysachok) is an interesting beast indeed. Featuring General Electric's new H80 turboprop. A new version of the excellent Walther M601 design that GE purchased. Service history of this engine is extensively known as one of the most trouble free designs. Especially in the Let 410 series which plies the world over as we speak. The H80 benefits from some new GE technology. Primarily making the M601 more efficient in flow. And adding some very nice materials that all but eliminate fuel nozzle and hot core inspections. While increasing shaft power and hot and high performance while almost doubling engine life to 6,600!!!!! Very nice.

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The Racehorse is supposed to carry up to 19, though that seems a bit cramped. It can operate from grass strips of 500 meter length. Some very good features of this aircraft is a somewhat higher top speed of 211 knots. It has an economical cruise speed of 135 knots. A very good range of 1080 nmi (2000km or 1243 miles) with a 1570kg (3450 pounds) payload.

 To watch a russian video relating to production of Racehorse, click here.

 In yet another interesting event, Rysachok is produced by Samara Space Center. One of the main producers of large Russian Spacecraft. Yes it is practically built by Rocket Scientist. Which would clearly convey an excellent reputation to the quality of the aircraft. Oddly the Samara website says it is a 15 seat aircraft. In various articles it also seems blessed with anti-icing gear as one would expect. All in all I would think this aircraft could compete very well in Labrador.

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I came across your project of starting an airline on the forum while looking for info/data on the commuter Avic/Harbin Y12F (the new version of the venerable Y12IV).
I would like to know what happened to your project?
I would appreciate to talk with you about your views concerning Russian made and Chinese made aircraft. If you have a contact, let me know in the comment, I'll contact you asap.

Thank You,