Monday, October 15, 2012

Greetings viewers and readers. It has been a while since I managed some posting. I have been watching the transport news on the Labrador coast on the Northern Ranger and it seems it is the usual debacle. The prevailing powers not even able to agree if the ship is done for the remainder of the shipping season. I am really stunned by the lack of ire from the Nunatsiavut Government. Surely they recognize no economic development will ever occur without a reliable shipping arrangement. And that freight costs will only drop with a steady stream of in and OUT bound goods. Nevermind that freight and Ferry operations are best served by separate ships.
 There was even a curious mention by the transport minister of a hybrid service. I am not sure of what exactly he speaks of. I suspect it is the odd Hoverflight 90 being pushed in Australia. Which is similar to an ACV which Canada is well familiar with. The Hoverflight 90 vehicle simply being a fully water tight hulled version with streamlined cushions for higher speeds. Meaning it floats better if stopped. Now add wings and more powerful engines and you get the whole ungainly thing airborne, much like the Russian Wing in ground affect vehicles. There are also genuine WIG's like the proposed Beriev BE-2500 of Russia. But suffice it to say neither exists in this world today. And no one can accurately say just how effective they would be in service. They would have some liabilities as well as advantages too.

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