Monday, June 04, 2012

Sorry folks. Been recreating and saling this weekend. As usual we made it to our favorite Saltwater venue. That being Jekyll Island Georgia. I guess we need to shell out $40 bucks and buy the annual pass. We are almost there now in trips this year. What is great about Jekyll is it has a lot of moderately upscale places, plus affordable things too. There is a good wiki on the island . We like it because there are so many areas you can fish. While some are very touristy and crowded(the north pier comes to mind); there are a number of spots that are still not well known to non-locals. (one of our secret spots below)

 The crabbing can be very gratifying. While numbers are not great, the size of the crabs is excellent. Yesterday for instance we landed the largest Stone crab I have ever seen in 40 plus years of salt fishing. But we also landed half a dozen Blue Crabs over 7 inches. And better then a dozen over 5 inches, which are legal keepers. Maddingly though you invariably throw back many just under legal length.

 We also landed 11 small Black Tip sharks.

 Over a dozen Southern King Whiting. 5 Atlantic Croakers. And a quite nice Black Drum that I caught on my Ultra Light rig. Which was a lot of fun. We lost a goody number of fish. Mostly on Oyster bar or piling snags. Poor Homer( My girlfriend Teresa's son). He turned his back for just a second and his brand new $80 Ultralight pole became a sacrifice to Neptune. Despite about an hour's worth of effort trying to snag it with a cast net. I am still stewing about the monster fish that hit my Ultralight just before leaving. He darn near snapped it in half. And stripped line of my fine little Shimano effortlessly. Knocking down four poles and ultimately snagging the dock. I will be back for you with more Electric Chickens my son!

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