Sunday, February 19, 2012

Let L410/420 brochure

Just an update on the capabilities of a great aircraft for Labrador. Just click the article title to load the adobe presentation. Note it also has an air ambulance version which far surpasses that currently available in Newfoundland. For a number of reasons the L410 is more economical to operate. Primarily due to the superlative Walter 601E/F turboprop engines. Which use less overall fuel compared to the larger PT6-34/35 used on the venerable Twin Otter. This despite a slightly high fuel consumption rate. Due to the design the Wather 601E is much smoother in operation and does not suffer the combustor issues the PT-6-34/35 does. In fact; the superiority of this engine is so inescapable, GE just acquired Walter and has incorporated some of it's own technology to produce the new H80 turboprop. An engine that now produces 850shp and benefits from the high altitude characteristics of the M601E-11A.

Another interesting fact is the stilled L610. A larger plane based on the L410 series. This craft was also ordered by a former Soviet Airline for operations in cold and high places. But given a new H80 powered L420 already meeting FAR23 requirements, the L610 could be an option for later. This aircraft would be my choice for passenger or VIP services in Labrador. Especially given the far superior taller cabin for passengers. Which precludes subjecting Labradorians from becoming hunchbacks exiting a toothpaste tube.

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