Friday, November 06, 2009

Pacific Aerospace Corporation P-750 XSTOL

Photo from Pacific Aerospace

Here we have another outstanding product that could make a great little air freighter for Labrador. Capable of turbine powering itself onto a postage stamp, in a tough as nails, stable platform. And one that can carry 4000 pounds doing it.

Even better, this little jewel does so with a rather stingy diet. Managing to consume only 50 gallons of fuel per hour they say. What's that? Can it handle a short Labrador airfield you ask? Well, it does considerably better then that. Watch it own this mountain top dirt road, with 4000 lbs of goodies!:

Now that is impressive stuff folks. And capability and affordability the Labrador coast sorely needs.

Here is the P-750's company page

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