Friday, October 31, 2008

Transport problems strike the Northcoast

Once again, another sad story of the poor transport system strikes the news wire. How many times does this need to happen? Why north bound goods going south bound? Why should coastal Labrador communities pay the price for this sort of poor transport management. This can be addressed in oh so many ways. Yet as some point out, the high cost of freight never seems to inflict alcohol sales. Why is that? This postal food subsidy needs to be re-thought out. The method of delivery should be changed. The wholesalers providing goods should be organized better. Yet another year, and again I hear people complaining of quality of goods in the Northern stores, and ones run by local folks. This is really not their fault. The owners seem as flummoxed just as much as anyone else. The stuff being brought to our shores is below grade. And the method of delivery shares much of the blame. What can be done? How should we solve a problem the government can't? By demanding a well reasoned solution. By taking advantage of all ready existing programs. By engaging our local government. This can be done. This can bring jobs to coastal Labrador. This can help move our goods out for sale. This can bring tourist to our shores. There is little need for years of study. We need to try things not considered in the recent conventions of thinking.

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