Friday, December 21, 2007

Back in the saddle again

Hello Good Readers,

It's been awhile, but I'm back to torture you with more transportaion ideas for Labrador. I've had time to study alot of different things and hopefully have found things to your liking(or maybe not). I've also been a bit concerned about the lack of tourism planning that seems to be the course. I'm starting to see that could be an important key to unlocking valuable revenue streams that would benefit all. The problem is certainly not the lack of interest. It's the lack of information on the precious few available assets we have(motels and operators,ferries etc.). So really it matters not what fancy equipment you bring in. If you can't find a place or tourist operater to take them, it's all for not. Some people do take the time to figure out our transport system. However, many times more then them will not bother. There are plenty of other places that figure it out for them, and part them with their money accordingly. And those customers are most pleased about it. What's the point of a holiday if traveling about is too complex? Come to Labrador to get stressed out trying to see the place? Not a very good marketing plan I'm afraid. This has me wondering if pulling those assets together in Labrador and creating a marketing/reservation system that works together might be the best first option to follow. An intergrated and responsive system that all Labradorian businesses can interact with.

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