Saturday, February 24, 2007

The Beriev BE-32K

When dealing with flying into tough ice and snow cover short fields with nasty crosswinds, you hopefully have a craft designed for the task. That is precisely the idea behind the Bereiv BE-32K. The most amazing fact I can find about the BE-32K is that it is not in production. It already meets numerous certification types and likely would have no difficulty doing so. The quality of Beriev aircraft and the tough level of build usually exceeds that of western types. One must remember that this company's main business involves slamming large amphibious craft into violent sea states, so they know quite a bit about toughness. Particularly when given that those same aircraft are noted for fairly long life cycles doing so.

As you can see this is a twin engined craft, powered by two licensed production PT6-65B turboprops giving 820kw(1100shp) with a fuel load of 2250liters(594 us gal). The maximum payload is 1900KG, or 16 passengers . It has a span of 17meters, length of 15.7 meters and height of 5.52 meters, with a wing area of 32m2. . MTOW(max.takeoff weight) is 7300KG. It is an unpressurized aircraft with heated cabin, max altitude being 4200 meters. The wings and tail feature hot air de-icing, the windows and nose has electrical de-icing. The plane is designed to easily handle crosswinds up to 18meters per second. It has a 5.20 wide ground track with large low pressure tires to allow it to land on unpaved fields.

This aircraft is most suitable to the mission of servicing Labrador's short fields. There are a few changes to recommend. Seating would be limited to 14 to allow for extra freight carriage. Preferably more fuel could be added to increase the range a bit. The avionics would have to include an advanced EPGW terrain avoidance unit and also good weather radar. One also wonders if any "stretched" models are available, although that would certainly require moving up to the next stage of PT-6 engine to compensate. All in all, this plane could quite honestly thrive in Labrador.


Mr. Vladimir Romanov from Beriev has contacted us and was pleased with the report. I have asked him some more questions and hopefully we will hear back soon. from him.

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