Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Aircraft for Labrador

Flying in Labrador is clearly different then most regional areas. Most of the populus is spread out in small communities serviced by quite small un-paved runways, most 2500 ft or less. Thankfully there are three longer runways available that are paved. However two are located at the west end of Labrador. Of course that leaves the priceless Goose Bay with it's world class 11,000 foot runway complete with advanced facilities. Quite clearly this offers the best site to hub local flights from. Part of the problem with current transport options is tie ins to traditional routes. This ties the current flyer from Labrador into some rather expensive flights. Apart from flyers, there is also trade which occurs. There are un-tapped opportunities to expand trading ties at a number of airport venues. This could stream demands for labrador goods as well.

Looking at our situation so far tells us at least three separate craft will be needed. First off, a small nimble Short takeoff and Landing capable plane that is adept at flying in cold climate adverse weather, as well as manuevering in and around mountainous territory. There are actually quite a few aircraft that fit this description, and we will study these individually later. The second part is a competent Air Freighter. A craft that can pick up a heavy haul of groceries and drop them off at ANY of Labrador's demanding short feilds. There are only a few types that can pull off that stunt, and will be discussed later. Lastly if we've flown all these people into Goose Bay, do you really think they want you milling about aimlessly? Of course not, hence we need a standard larger airliner type to send you down the road. There are plenty of those types floundering about. And I'd be alot more interested to know where you'd like to go rather then look at all of those. So chime in and say where you'd like to fly to for much cheaper then you can now! Your input is priceless and highly valued here.

I hope that you will tell us where your at and the kind of places you wish today's air system would take you too. Mind you I do not intend this to be a critical attack on the current services. This is a forward looking and positive thinking approach to a workable and realistic safe alternative to today's standard. I hope to hear from you.

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